want to unleash your business potential and optimize your performance and take your life to the next level?

Dear Business Owners, are you experiencing at least one of the following problems?

  • Not trained in sales presentation & negotiation? After presentation clients say "I will think about it" and all you could do was sit and wait by the phone (that never rang)?
  • Not sure how much to budget for your marketing? Spending a fortune on advertising but seeing little result or worst, getting no leads at all? Watching your hard earned money washed down the drain?
  • The lack of profits preventing you from scaling your business?


For 10 years, I have personally helped over 1000’s of people solved the exact same business problems you are facing right now—I understand your pain and has had a long history of your experiences. More importantly, I know how to instantly remove all of your infuriating problems by tomorrow!

Because your skills are weaker than your customers, you end up selling cheaper to get sales, and this costs your freedom and fortune...


The Trustable Brand™ approach helps people who are brand new in business internalize the 8 areas of business mastery and take their performance to the next level.

If you are tired of waking up everyday and feeling like you are walking on eggshells, and you want to put a stop to this, I am about to offer you a rare chance of opportunity to get my personal help and instantly vaporized your problems once and for all.

If you find yourself chasing down tactics in all directions, resulting in burn-out and yet no visible results, you need to "unplugged" from this toxic act immediately. It's not sustainable and definitely not profitable.

why you should consider my coaching

Most people in the market providing business training of any kind teach you fluffy concept that has no proven results for their clients or themselves. Often causing you even more distress compared to when you first began. You end up learning only pieces from different puzzles. Therefore, unable to manifest the dream outcome you've always wanted in life.

What I do for you is different.

While most people teach you the unsustainable quick-fix techniques, I help people master the 8 business fundamentals.

Ask any rich friends you know around you for tips to riches. My prediction is 9 of 10 will tell you, "improve your fundamentals".

Why? Because what made Bruce Lee a legend in the world of Kungfu is not his One-Inch Punch technique. But his fundamentals to execute the technique. 2 person can learn the same exact technique; yet we know not both will prevail on top. Why? Fundamentals.

Business is no different -- and that's what I do for people.

When you work with me, I help you discover the 20% effort to produce the 80% difference. Your remaining "spare time" can be used in other meaningful work, such as dinner with your family or go for that dream trip you have always wanted.

See, most people don't get it. They don't understand that it's not about doing "more stuff". It has less to do with activities but everything to do with performance.

Specifically, Business Performance.

That is what I'm all about about. Business Performance Fundamentals.

I help owners like you become more productive, perform better, and profit much more. What gives me the edge of advantage is the real-life business experience and practical examples that most do not possess.

What I have works, and I have the proof for it. Below this page you will find the raving testimonials shared by clients who invested in us and participated in our regular workshops.

If you are drained and tired of chasing down shiny objects that does not work, and you want the fishing rod to reel in your business success, then this is it.

can you afford to give this a miss?

How many "YES" can you identify in this questionnaire?

1. I clearly understand my role as a business leader.

2. I follow a personal development plan to ensure my growth as a leader.

3. I rarely feel overwhelmed or behind in my work.

4. My employees trust and respect my leadership.

5. I produce consistent and effective results as a leader.

6. Overall, I have successfully guided my team and business to meet our objectives last year.

7. We have a clear and executable exit strategy for the business.

8. We have a system to track how we are meeting milestones on our business map. 

9. Our long-term plan is clearly communicated to all employees.

10. We have defined our X-Factor — how we provide more value than our competition. 

11. We spend time each week focusing on strategic innovation to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. 

12. We excel at developing new strategies that will meet our clients’ needs like no one else can – and executing them, too.

13. We properly assess the competition and respond to threats to our position in the market.

14. We understand who are target client is, and we regularly share our expertise with them.

15. We have a well-defined and understandable marketing strategy. 

16. Each marketing channel (email, direct mail, website, social media, etc.) has a specific objective that contributes to the overall strategy. 

17. We target the right clients at the right time with the right message.

18. Our marketing message is clear, consistent and effective.

19. We have strong retention, acquisition and development sales strategies. 

20. We excel at attracting, hiring and on-boarding top sales talent. 

21. Our sales team is performing at their peak. 

22. We have a set system for our referral strategy.

23. Our sales and marketing teams are well-aligned and work together to meet our goals.

24. I personally review our monthly financial statements.

25. I clearly understand our Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow. 

26. My knowledge of our key finances gives me the power of anticipation – I feel like I know what is coming. 

27. We have a specific legal strategy and understand our opportunities and risks. 

28. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used and measured regularly. 

29. We have a strategy for consistently optimizing our key operating metrics. 

30. We have a strategy for consistently maximizing our financial metrics. 

31. As the leader of the business, I ensure that I run the business instead of allowing it to run me.

32. We are an agile, fast-moving organization, and we quickly capitalize on opportunities.

How many "YES" did you get?

We used this questionnaires at our workshops to help our clients identify where they are at. Most of them had great "aha" moments when they realized what their business were lacking, and specifically which areas to work on immediately.

If you get 32/32: Congratulations! You are mega rich, successful, and wealthy. Probably own several businesses. At this stage, you can consider becoming a listed company and play a much bigger game than most people.

If you get 16/32: You are comfortable with what you are earning, you have some savings in the bank, sales are coming in automatically, you are beginning the search for your business's bigger purpose and the underlying potential you can unleash.

If you get less than 8: DANGER! You can't scale, your business feels like a roller-coaster ride, you are burned out. Worst case scenario, you will go out of business in 3 years. You will be FORCED to close down your business for good, probably end up in a job.

Unless you do something about it. Starting today.

Next, on a scale of 1 - 10, how well do you rate yourself in this 8 area of business?

1. Psychology of the Leader 

2. Business Map

3. Constant Strategic Innovation

4. World Class Marketing

5. Sales Mastery Systems

6. Financial & Legal Analysis

7. Constant Optimization & Maximization

8. Raving Fan Customers

If you don't have the means to score 10 for each of these questions, you need help. And you need it yesterday!

Seek help today and find out how my company can help you overcome all of your above challenges today.

​who is this for?

This is strictly for people who are already in business, and looking for a guide to help them navigate the path of success in business.

This is NOT for you if,

1) You are in the stages of "figuring out"

2) You do not have the funds to invest in yourself and your business

3) You can't live another month without sales

4) You are skeptical and wary of opportunities

5) You are solo and alone in your business

This is for you if,

1) You have a steady flow of leads contacting your business (even if it's just 1 per day)

2) You have a budget set aside for your advertising & marketing

3) You want to be involved with a group of highly motivated individuals and business owners to scale your business together

4) You are solo right now, but you are prepared and ready to hire when time comes.

5) You are a committed individual, and willing to put in the work for your dream goals

I believe in giving value before asking for a sale. Therefore, I have granted free access to my videos of all my work in the past, including my live workshop videos in order for you to make a fair assessment. You can find them all over my website and my social media channels. If this is the first time you are exposed to me or my work, I highly recommend you make a trip to watch those videos first.

If you like what you find, you may come back to this page again and request for my personal help.

yes jason, i am ready to get your help and optimize my business performance!

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Henry Ong, Owner & CEO

Singapore International Math Contest Centre (SIMCC)

Augustine Siew, Managing Director

inlingua® School of Languages Singapore

Lay Yong, Owner & CEO

BodyTree GST Singapore

brands that seek jason lim for advice

praises FOR jason lim

 Saiful Rizal 

 Founder of Math Prodigies, 
Author of Amazon Best-Selling Book, "Mom, Help Me Score A's In Math!"



I must tell you how valuable his (Jason) time really is. The first time I spoke with him, I didn't expect him to have this amount of value inside him! He gave me 1 simple advice, just 1 small tip--that allowed me to double the number of people that came to my workshop, and of course, it generated more sales for me; amounting to $15,000. That was the first.  

When I met Jason for the strategy session, I thought I knew how to get to my first $500,000. I thought all I had to do was to scale my business by doing more of the same thing that I was already doing. It turns out that I was completely wrong. In just an hour, Jason worked the vital numbers in my business and showed me how I can generate an extra $160,000 by implementing an elegant and easy strategy.

The beauty of this strategy is that it will give me triple the profits as compared to the strategy I had in mind to get me to $500,000! If you get the privilege of talking to this man, grab the opportunity! It will give you a fresh perspective that might just make you more profits! I know I did! Thank you Jason!

Styles Chong

 Co-owner of Okeanos Trading, Exclusive distributor for Carnation Footcare Singapore 


"The first time I worked with Jason, my sales increased by $15,000 immediately after the first 14 days, while shortly after I secured a meeting with high-end corporate executives to negotiate a 6-figure deal for my company. After I signed up for his coaching and begun implementing his advice, my business finally crossed our first $500,000 officially in less than 12 months working with him. Now, I'm more fulfilled my work and have a better relationship with my family. Our total sales increased by $253,000 since working with Jason. Thank you, Jason!"

jason lim proof11

Melvin Soh

Co-Founder of Enlightened Profits, Ambassador to Future of Business Asia 


I was facing difficulty in my upcoming presentation and I gave Jason a call. He spent 1 hour teaching me and coaching me. Next day I fly over to Bangkok for my event and I made over $42,000. Thank you, Jason :)

Samson Oh x Jason Lim

Samson Oh

Founder of Celtic and Oriental
Co-founder of Team Flash


I will always remember the first time I spoke to Jason. This is the man who understands the word business. I have personally seen many business owners failed in scaling their business due to various reasons. I was one of them. Most of the so called personal development or business courses teach you concepts, theories etc. It extremely rare they teach you methods. When I started to learn the right methods, my business revenues grew 30 percent year-on-year. Please look no further than Jason when it comes to methods. Methods that doesn’t require huge capital and effort but huge results. Hard to believe but it’s real.

Edmund Tan x Jason Lim

Edmund Tan


What I love best about what Jason has done in terms of Facebook is that he incorporated the strategies and the techniques together for such a workshop and program. And it is very seldom to see trainers putting in lots of values even before the program starts. So, getting lots of information on workshop would actually enhance my businesses and in the 3-6 months, there would definitely be results I would be seeing - at least 5 times to 10 times what my current business is going. So thank you Jason for your wonderful experience guiding in terms of techniques and strategies in Facebook Marketing.

Andrea Lim x Jason Lim

Andrea Lim


Through 2 days of training with Jason Lim, he emphasizes the importance of business model and business management that we should look at. If you have a business and want to improve your business strategy or think that your business needs help, I think you should attend Jason's course to help yourself and your business. Thank you Jason!

Rick Choo

Rick Choo


I have been trying a lot of things on my own and I have been learning coaching for quite awhile. I realize that I can change people and transform people. However, there’s something that I lack that I cannot reach out to my clients and getting more clients for me. Along the way, I found out there’s one thing that’s stopping clients which is offer. I don’t know how to give the right offer. And it’s because of the offer, that I face problems with how do I charge my clients and it has been the biggest problem.

Because as a coach, the insecurity of not being able to charge them is because I don’t know what kind of objective. There’s no irresistible offer that I can bring them to.. Where they want is where the value of results. The value of results is so important for me, and Jason has helped me with a system and bring me through this system to understand how to craft the irresistible offer and having change my perspective of how to position myself as a coach and then get client as a coach, and then charge them a premium amount.

That itself changes my entire business and the future of my business. So, if you are facing the same problem as me in how to get yourself to actually have the heart to actually charge your client. If you’re facing the same difficulty as me, I would definitely recommend Jason because this process is proven and is not just me. Every single one in the room, when they ask if they have a $3,000 program that they can sell or $3,000 service or product they can sell, they say yes. It’s not just me, it’s everybody.

I have ridiculous confidence that Jason will be able to bring you there in getting your irresistible offer and charge at a higher premium amount. So, look forward for your success together with Jason. Thank you.

Nicole Chew

Nicole Chew


When I signed up for Jason's program, I wasn’t expecting anything that Jason was teaching or doing this course. Basically, he covered a lot of basics and untie a lot of knots that perhaps was a blockage or problems of what a business is facing in order to progress forward.  He helped removed this barrier and really help us so that we can move forward and be aligned and focus.  So he did offer a lot of valuable advice.

And what would I say to anyone who wants to sign up for Jason's program: Sign up for the program. It’s really good, you won’t regret this.

Wesker Ling

Wesker Ling


Jason is amazing as he actually guided us and help us realise what's our problem, our identity and helped us step by step throughout the process. Just trust the process that Jason will bring you in, and you will know  how you should position yourself and what kind of marketing you can do.

If you want to join us and have an extraordinary life, to make a difference to the world, join Jason's course. His courses has limited seats only. Act fast and join now, message him, whatever you can to get in. Hope to see you.

Elaine Chia

Elaine Chia


Jason's program is not a normal Facebook workshop that I was expecting so we did not begin with deep diving with creating the post and the ads. Instead, Jason showed us or walked through with us the business models with us and also help us understand what are the values behind the business. With that values in mind, then we start to understand what we should be creating in terms of Facebook Ads. 

Grace Chong

Grace Chong


I attended Jason Lim’s weekend program called Facebook Mastery Bootcamp and I must say that I have received much more than what I have expected from a Facebook training. Not only did we learn about Facebook, we also learn about many other principles about changing our mindsets. We also learned many principles about the values we should be adopting as a businessperson, and it really has blown my mind. I think Jason has delivered much more and he really exceeded my expectation.

So if you are considering whether you should come to this program, I highly recommend it and I’m sure you will learn a lot and really enjoy yourself. And as Jason promises, your life may also be transformed as a result of coming here.

Lay Yong

Lay Yong


I'm a business owner and I own a boutique fitness studio in Singapore known as BodyFitGST. I have been active on social media and one of them is Facebook, so I do a lot of regular posting. However, I have always been a bit hesistant to use Facebook ads because I don't have a lot of knowledge in regards on how to do it. And as a small business owner, I am very concnered on the money spent on advertising and whether I will get my ROI.

So recently, I asked advice from my friend Jason Lim. He is a true expert in Facebook Advertising, and I just did attended his 1 day masterclass. I just took some of the tips, not all as he gave a lot more information and knowledge. So I just took some of the tips and implemented in one Facebook Ad. I only spent $100 as I was very conservative and yet I have a sales of $500 and that is a huge ROI for $100.

So if you need help as small business owners, we can't be experts in everything. I know it myself, I'm good at what I do for my business, but when it comes to Facebook I am really lost in quite a number of areas. So do seek the advice if you need to and if you need help, really do talk to Jason Lim.

Jun Wei

Jun Wei


Before attending Jason’s Trustable Brand program, I have attended a lot of seminars but I don’t grasp the true essence of what is taught. But by coming here, not only did I learn new things but Jason really let me experience how a true business should run, and what is true leverage.

I have a lot of misconceptions on how to create a profitable business and also how to get trust from customers. But after going through Jason's 3 Days Trustable Brand program, Jason has provided me the framework to gain the power to build trust for my business, my partners and my family. Most importantly, I feel that the network I have to build is really important and not break the trust of my network, because they are the ones that will bail you out if you have any problems.

Thank you Jason for letting me experience these 3 days of training with you.


Josephine Chen


Before Jason's seminar, I have never attended any paid seminars because I have always been skeptical whether these seminar will teach you real information. After attending Jason's Trustable Brand which is impossible to sum it up, I have learned a lot, such as key points like trust, communication and leverage. It really changed my perspective quite a lot.

I would really encourage people to come and experience it for yourself as the experience cannot be duplicated according to Jason.

En Ling

En Ling


As a someone who is new in business. This workshop helped me to prep the necessary knowledge and skills that I need to equip myself with even before the start of business. The planning, strategizing and execution of the business that I learned from this course is so important. I hope after this course I will be to start something and strategize, and with the help of Jason I will be able to achieve whatever I want for my business.

For those people who are considering to learn from Jason, I would say come with an open mind and learn as much as you can. 

Jason, thanks for these few days of precious knowledge and skillsets imparted. I look forward to getting more advice from you and I know this will surely work out. Thank you Jason.

Johnson Chen

Johnson Chen


I am really greatful to be here to be learning from Jason at his Trustable Brand program.  What I learn in this course is that it’s not about listening about how business should be or how other people are doing business. Instead, it’s learning more about how I may be doing business and how I want to change the way I do my business. I think that is very important.

The processes here let me see my blind spots that I had even though I have been into business for 1 – 2 years. The blindspots that are revealed in the process is really something that blew me away as all these blind spots has been hindering me and my business.

To Jason, a really big thank you to you. Your dedication in this field, your ability to deconstruct to make it so relatable to us and designing the processes so that we get to really breakthrough in our own blind spot, which I think is super important.

If you are wondering if you should come to Jason's programs, I would say it is a definite YES. You will learn so much not only about how business should be, but how you can improve your own style of business. That is not something that can be easily found in other programs, so do come for his program.

Shawn Khoo

Shawn Khoo


During the 3 days Trustable Brand course, what I learn most is clarity that Jason is able to give. I have been in this business for quite while, but this course has cleared up a lot of doubts and strategies that I should use. I would recommend anyone who want to start any business to attend this course. I used some of the strategies immediately and after two weeks generated $20,000 worth of sales.

Jason, I want to thank you for three days of your time. Even though you are a very busy man, you are willing to guide us and coach us for our business.

Kenneth And Marcia

Kenneth Tan & Marcia Cai


[Kenneth] What I feel like saying is that we're a couple and we're starting our own business together very soon. Before the program we are very lost and don't know what to do and what direction to take. From the Trustable Brand program, we got a lot of clarity. Not only in our business, but also in our relationship, such as how to really communicate with each other and the secret behind to improve our relationship as well. From here we can really bring out the skillsets to bring out to our customers as well.

The strategies in this program has helped me plan for my business. After the Trustable Brand program, I have so many plans and ideas instead of being lost trying to hit a wall. From this program, the biggest takeaway is what I see deep inside of me and what kind of person I am in the past. From the games, I really learn that teamwork and leadership is very important. If you really want to go far, collaborate and partnership with people can get you really far and get a lot more returns rather than being alone and trying to fight alone and killing your enemies.

There's a lot of things that I learned and I really appreciate this program and I really feel that this is very worthwhile. Even for our marriage as well for our business, and we're going to bring this back to our kids so as to teach them the right way from this 3 days program,

So I'm very glad that I joined and I really hope that those people that have business with their spouse to really come together instead of coming alone. That's because I went through a lot of seminar alone, and my wife do not understand how seminar works. After I attend a seminar every time, it's really hard to talk and explain to her because I am not a teacher.I have learn a lot of things but I cannot teach it to her. As a result, our distance grew far apart and that's why we have a lot of business quarrels. Because I have the mindset but she's too far apart from me. So this program really brought us together again, and to do business and fight together as a couple.

[Marcia] What I feel like saying is that thanks to Kenneth for bringing me here because all along I feel very safe at home. After coming to this class, I feel that there's a lot to do in business and I am a bit scared. Also, we'll look more into partnership and more investment in our business too. Thank you Jason.


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