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What Makes Jason Lim Unique?

1. He shares proven principles that worked for him

“Jason don’t just teach me some tactics or tricks to help my business temporary. What I learnt from him are time-tested strategies and theories that can achieve success like the above in the long run.”

Jun Wei

Wee Jun Wei

2. He understands business 

“I thought all I had to do was to scale my business by doing more of the same thing that I was already doing. It turns out that I was completely wrong. In one hour, Jason showed me how I can generate an extra $160,000.”

Saiful Rizal

3. His methods are transferable to virtually anyone

“After I signed up for Jason’s program, I realised I still do not understand what I know. There were many gaps and self-limiting beliefs. Now, I am very happy my business made more money, I work lesser hours, and I have a significantly better relationship with my family members…”

Styles Chong

Styles Chong

About Jason Lim

Once told he would not amount to anything great, Jason Lim is the Founder & Group CEO of MoneyPlay Pte Ltd (金乐集团). He’s often called the “brainiest“ business mind alive by those he’s helped and introduced as the “secret sauce” behind several successful companies in Singapore. His life mission involves helping to transform lives by raising their financial IQ through his seminars and exhibitions. He is also the author of an upcoming book.For invites on speaking engagements, or other speaking enquiries, please send in your inquiry to [email protected]

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