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Said to be “the brainiest business mind alive" by those who learned from him. Jason Lim has spoken on stages and taught his billion-dollar principles around the world how to build a scalable and sustainable business that's relevant for the 21'st century landscape.

Jason is the Chairman & Group CEO of MoneyPlay Group Holdings (金乐集团). He is a venture capitalist, and author of an upcoming book. He invests in startups that bring about positive change in the society.

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With increasing operating costs, marketing costs, and manufacturing costs, margins are tight and it will only keep getting tighter and tighter if we don't change our business model. Competition is high in my industry scene with new brands popping up every other week. Without seeing higher margins, marketing to overseas will just add on to margin pressure and unnecessary risk of over-stocking. I seeked out Jason for suggestions to improve our business to eliminate all of the above problems. In just 3 weeks, I increased my margins and my sales improved by 20%. I've also managed to increase my Average-Order-Value per transaction by 30%. During the midst of it, I also secured numerous collaboration deals. All these without spending extra dollars in marketing. Jason didn't just teach me short term tactics or tricks that only worked temporary. Instead, what I learnt from him was time-tested strategies and theories that can achieve success like the above in the long run.

Jun Wei

Wee Jun Wei

CEO of Lara-J.com

I must tell you how valuable his (Jason) time really is. When I called him about my stagnant sales, he gave me 1 simple advice, just 1 small tip. This call end up generating another $15,000 of sales for my company. Then Jason showed me a "hidden opportunity" in my company for making an "extra" $160,000 by implementing an elegant and easy strategy. The beauty of this strategy is that it will give me triple the profits as compared to the strategy I had in mind to get me to $500,000! If you get the privilege of talking to this man, grab the opportunity! It will give you a fresh perspective that might just make you more profits!

Saiful Rizal

Math Prodigies Pte Ltd

Our total sales increased by $253,000 since learning from Jason Lim. We collected more frequent orders for our products and increased our bottom line profits. 

Styles Chong

Styles Chong

Okeanos Trading Pte Ltd

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